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Managers Report - Sat 23/10/21 - Parkfield 3-2 (AET) Old Parmiterians 6th - London Old Boys Cup


Parkfield FC lined up for their first cup match of the season with another much changed line-up from our previous outing, with a number of new recruits all ‘chomping at the bit’. The team talk consisted mainly of introducing the new additions to the squad !

Playing a team from the division below is always challenging as league form ‘goes out of the window’. A scrappy start to this game saw Parkfield reluctant to play much football, hardly surprising as half the team didn’t know each other. It was noted that our first piece of quality play didn’t arrive until 27 minutes had elapsed. Reluctant to play out from the back, keeper Veitchy chose to kick from his hands ,which wasn’t very successful as the Reds do not have the height with new signings Victor and Sima , (making his third appearance up front). In fact it was Sima (who is settling into the team nicely) who got the Reds off the mark with his second goal in three games. It was difficult to describe how the goal was scored as your narrator was retrieving a ball from the bushes when the celebration cheer went up. I understand it was a classic from the new striker. The Parms keeper was kept very busy by a succession of goal attacks, in contrast to Veitchy whose main task was distributing the ball to his defenders. It was therefore a complete surprise when, against the run of play, Parms broke through the middle, the ever enthusiastic Glenn stepped forward admirably but inadvertently opened a space for a through ball to the hungry Parms forward to finish coolly a one on one with Veitchy. Half time 1-1.

There was no panic at half-time and a confident group emerged and continued to ask questions of a 16 year old Parms keeper who was making a good show for man of the match with some spectacular flying saves and a number of point blank stops to deny Del, Miro, Lamar and Sima from certain match winning goals. As the minutes dragged on and with no sign of a breakthrough, extra time loomed ominously. It felt comfortable for the reds but knowing that any moment a slip-up could see us conceding caused tension to build around the stadium (park pitch). Suddenly Miro popped up to bundle the ball over the Parms goal line. Celebrations were short-lived as a needless freekick handed the visitors an opportunity. The well struck kick was headed beyond the shocked helpless Veitchy. Full-time 2-2

All the action in extra time came in the last two minutes. Del put the reds ahead again with what he describes as a shot but which surely started out as a cross as it left his foot but turned into a shot as it floated over the confused Parms keeper. The uproar from a fuming Parms team riled the referee into not giving them a fairly obvious penalty in the dying seconds and ensure Parkfield march into the next round

3-2 AET

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